AMS Ranks Joint No 1 In National Media Satisfaction Survey

Automotive Media Solutions tied for first place in the 2012 National Automotive PR Survey, conducted among  media nationwide. There are 11 companies that do what we do across the nation.  This 115 page survey is distributed to the entire industry.


Respondents were asked to rank the various services of the car delivery and preparation companies. The average overall satisfaction improved this year from an already strong 6.1 to 6.2 on a seven-point scale, and seven of the eleven companies improved their average overall satisfaction scores. Motor City Solutions, Automotive Media Solutions and G. Schmitz & Associates lead the industry in a three-way tie on overall satisfaction. They are closely followed by the winner in the 2010 survey, Prestige Auto, along with Page One and Automotion. Comments about Motor City Solutions included: “The cars are always ready for us when we arrive and the drop-off procedures are painless.” One respondent said about Automotive Media Solutions: “They have the best service, good cars, clean cars, explain everything and work with your schedule.” G. Schmitz & Associates received comments like: “Very professional – they send a weekly report of upcoming cars delivery dates – they call the day before a drop off to let you know when the car will arrive – they will work around my schedule when delivering cars.”

Thanks to our media for particpating in this survey!

4 x Fall In Colorado

RMAP recently staged its first full fledged 4×4 event in the ghost town of Caribou, above Boulder.  The one day event comprised a bunch of paved driving followed by 3 different 4×4 courses designed to showcase all levels of all-wheel drive vehicles.  Five  manufacturers and 30 media  participated and the event was deemed a great success! Automotive Media Solutions handled the logistics and organization for RMAP.

RMDE 2012


Our 3rd annual Rocky Mt Drive Experience concluded last week. We had 70 attendees and 36 vehicles of all makes and models to play with. Day 1 involved a 176 mile drive into the heart of the Rockies from Denver to Estes Park and the famed Stanley Hotel for lunch. Day 2 involved lapping at High Plains Raceway and technical 4×4 driving at Colorado Off-road Extreme. All in all a great event. Well done to all involved!




Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome to the new website for Automotive Media Solutions! We have more fun stuff to come – please check back soon!

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