Paul Shippey – President 

Paul Shippey is an auto industry veteran with 22-years experience as an automotive photojournalist, car magazine editor, motor company executive, race car driver and professional driver/instructor. His work has been published in leading titles in many countries. Shippey has also directed and helped manage media launches for Audi; Bentley; BMW; Ford; General Motors; Jaguar; Mazda; Mitsubishi; Rolls-Royce and VW. In recent years, Paul has helped design and run breakthrough experiential automotive marketing events in the USA such as:- AMG Challenge; Mazda Rev-It-Up; Taste of Lexus; The Lexus Performance Driving School; Volvo S Driving Experience; Scion Street Marketing; Volvo-Virgin Tour; Cadillac Drive Summit, and Honda Test Drives, to name a few. He is a former President of the Rocky Mountain Auto Press and founder of Rocky Mountain Driving Experience.

General Manager: David Polley

Vehicle Logistics Manager :Chris Cradick

Warehouse: Bob Olliver

Driving and Event Team:

Mel Bacon, Lorren Ballard, Bob Cale, Alan Onufrak, David Purvis, Jim Rudolf, Norm Fryer,Eldon Strong, Bob Olliver, Paul Mandel, David Polley, Joel Peters. Company Mascot and Baby Boss: Georgia Shippey